As an official fanclub of St Pauli we follow the rules outlined by the fanclubsprecherrat.
We expect all of our members to both agree with and adhere to the rules, as follows:
  • The fanclub will support the club and the teams of the club (this is the priority/aim of the fanclub).
  • The fanclub will realise this aim via various activities to the best of its abilities.
  • The fanclub will NOT partake in any form of discrimination; the fanclub is against every form of racism, sexism and hooliganism, moreover against any kind of discrimination of same-sex preferences and inclination.
  • The fanclub will promote contact with other fanclubs and support the work of the Fanclubsprecherrat.
  • The fanclub commits to abide by the Stadium house rules of FC St Pauli and the away travel rules of the Fanladen.
  • The fanclub commits to forwarding these concepts to their its members and urges them to comply with the same.