Membership is open to all, please read the constitution for a short list of rules that the club and its members are expected to adhere to.

Currently, membership is free for the 2013-14 season (our first season)!!!

We are registered with FC St. Pauli as an official supporters group, which involves a small annual fee. Any future membership fees will be kept to an absolute minimum, with costs of the club (FCSP membership and website) covered by merchandise available in our Brighton St Pauli Shop.

Any surplus funds will either be used to subsidise the following year's costs or donated to a chosen official FCSP-related project.

To join there's an online application form to complete. Currently, email addresses are available to all members. If you'd like a email address, tick the option on the form and it'll be set up as part of your registration.

There is members' area within the forum which you'll be granted access to when you register with the forum.

Members wishing to become involved and gain publishing rights in the News Blog only need ask - the more active members we have the better!!! emails

If you'd like your own personal email address, tick the option on the application form.
Emails are accessed via webmail and can also be setup to work with PC/Mac/Mobile Device email applications. Instructions will be sent through on your first mail that give details on how to configure.