Many thanks to everyone’s purchases from our store over the past couple of months. We really wish that the Knitted Beer Holders were getting more use…

We’ve made contribution of £50 to Covid 19 asylum seekers emergency fund (Brighton).

Run by Thousand 4 1000 their aim is to fund an emergency fund for local asylum seekers and other undocumented migrants, in joint effort working with Voices in Exile, Sanctuary on Sea, Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum, the Hummingbird Project and Brighton & Hove City Council.

We encourage you too, from the link above to make donations directly to the fund; or make a purchase in our shop. Whenever our store’s balance reaches £50 we plan to repeat donations to local charities needing support.

Take Care

Brighton St Pauli (and Pauli the Cat – who doesn’t seem so bothered by balls of wool as we feared)