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Fixtures Out!!


Fixtures for next season have been released, now we await patiently for confirmation on what day (and time) the matches will actually take place!!!
Brighton St Pauli Calendar

And before the World Cup has finished the team is playing friendlies…

Eckernförder SV v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 21/06/2014 4:00pm
TuS Holstein Quickborn v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 22/06/2014 4:00pm
Heikendorfer SV v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 27/06/2014 6:30pm
FC Rosengarten v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 28/06/2014 4:00pm
Holstein Kiel v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 01/07/2014 7:00pm
TSV Holßel v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 03/07/2014 6:30pm
Rotenburger SV v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 06/07/2014 4:00pm
Udinese Calcio v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 19/07/2014 6:00pm
FC St. Pauli v Celtic Glasgow (Friendly) 26/07/2014 3:00pm
TSV Uetersen v FC St. Pauli (Friendly) 29/07/20146:30pm