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Summer Road Trip (end of July)


I’m heading to a wedding north of Hamburg, very close to the Denmark border, at the end of July. That had the girlfriend and myself thinking about doing a bit of a road trip!

We’ll be heading to Hamburg to reach there on the 26th July, as the wedding is the next day. That much we can’t change. However the remaining TWO WEEKS is wide open for ideas, and we were thinking of trying to catch up with as many Sankt Pauli fan clubs as we could manage.

The rough route we’ll we taking is…
Drive into Denmark, through Copenhagen. Head into Sweden, via Malmo, and then head to Trellebourg for a ferry back to Sassnitz, Germany.
From there a few days around Rostock and back to Hamburg for a St Pauli Game (fixtures permitting). Sticking mostly to Holland, Belgium and France we’ll be heading west for a journey home via Cherbourg or maybe just come home via the Eurotunnel…

So far we’ve two clubs ear-marked.
Copenhagen – the Minibar
Den Haag – I’ve been told there’s a fan club there. Details yet to be found.

Please comment if you can recommend anywhere to head. No doubt the Yorkshire St. Pauli guys will be wondering:
1) Why have I chosen not to live in Yorkshire (or, more to the case, how could I choose to leave Yorkshire!!)
2) Why is it that I’m not spending my holidays in Yorkshire!