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Knit it? Yes we can!!


We’ve removed the Redbubble store as we’ve had too many claims of Copyright infringement that, despite trying to counter-claim, we found that all our products (including our own badge!) were taken down by Redbubble. Seems that they ere on the side of caution, once a claim is made.

However, in a development for our shop products, Marianna has caught the knitting bug! She’s been busily knitting – dropping ones and pearling others (and croqueting too) – so that we will soon have A RANGE of colourful (and not so colourful, given St Pauli’s is Brown and White) objects.

We’ll be placing a stock on our shop page soon, and hope to be able to repeat design (or come up with new patterns) on request. Prices to be confirmed, we’ll add proceeds to the funds we plan to raise at Gig Two – Woohoo!! in May.

They take a couple of evenings to make, and about two weeks to find the spare time so please be patient…

…and if you have no idea what they are, you’ll hopefully see them soon!!