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Support for Braun-Weisse Hilfe (Brown and White Help)


We have members in St Pauli who have witnessed the activities around St Pauli in the lead up to this week’s G20 summit.

The police’s actions to peaceful parties around St Pauli, plus their willingness to ignore court rulings regarding campsites for people visiting Hamburg, and their decision to enter the campsite and attack campers late at night can only be described as brutal.

In response, Brighton St Pauli fanclub has raised funds to support the victims of police violence, donating €400 to the BRAUN-WEISSE HILFE which is a legal solidarity project from St Pauli fans for St Pauli fans.

The aim of the BRAUN-WEISSE HILFE is to educate the fans as thoroughly as possible about stadium bans, regulations and police networks and state repression against football fans, to offer help and to prevent problems. Since the foundation of the Antirepressionsgruppe in 2004, a whole series of activities have been organized in addition to collecting donations:

• Support for those affected by providing financial and legal assistance

• Support for the nationwide fan rights fund

• Exhibition during the World Cup 2006 “Freedom for the curves – a glance behind the shining façade of the World Cup”

• Solisampler “Freedom for the curves”

• Co-founding the project “Freedom for the terraces”

• Various information events in the Fanladen St Pauli and the Fanräume

• Info stalls, as well as poster and transparency campaigns on game days

If you would like to support the BRAUN-WEISSE HILFE, please send your donation directly to the BRAUN-WEISSE HILFE bank account:

Jugend und Sport, Fanladen St. Pauli
IBAN DE37200505501045210935
Reference: Braun-Weisse Hilfe