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Help Refugees – Follow the ‘Sussex to Calais’ Playlist


Last night we attended a meeting hosted by the Hummingbirds in Brighton, which discussed how people can help Refugees currently camped in Calais and Dunkirk.

On the important point of fundraising, students from the Universities of Sussex, Falmer and Brighton explained how they are running a group called ‘Sussex to Calais’ and asked for people to help them to potentially raise money in the following way:

  1. Spotify is running a ‘Sound Clash’ competition for university societies, with a prize worth £10,000.  See http://spotify-soundclash.co.uk
  2. The prize goes to the society that creates a playlist with the highest number of followers – EASY.
  3. Logon to your Spotify Account (you can log in via Facebook or create an account if you don’t currently use Spotify)
  4. Search for the ‘Sussex to Calais’ playlist
  5. Follow

Currently ‘Sussex to Calais’ are ranked 11th, and are the best-placed humanitarian group looking to help refugees. The competition closes in 19 days (22nd March 2016).

Please share.  Reminders will be posted on Twitter, as well as other updates aiming to support The Hummingbirds and other organisations from Brighton/Sussex doing great work for refugees.